Fav-Link as a research tool helps to collect in one place analyze compare different parts of web content.
It can store print screens, website links, titles, receipts, can be organized by categories, pages, dates, number of visits and more.
Also you can apply tags to content for faster retrieval.

This solution is simple and puwerfull and designed for personal usage or for small groups. Can be used for different purposes such as market analyzing,
personal organizer, for saving cool content from different websites, receipts and confirmation pages management, different analyses of websites and their contents.

Currently this tool is succesfully used for as a shopping tool, for work, orzanazing music libraries, research of different websites and other. Fav-Links slides allows to save as print screen content which has visual importance such as pictures, inspiration for designers, competitors research, save receipts and confirmation pages for personal records and other.


Fav-Links idea based on linking image with tags(keywords) belonging to the page content. For example you want to save Tesla car.
You pick car's image to visualize and you need to create list of keywords separated by spaces or pipes(Tesla | Tesla Motors | Cars | For Sale | Electric)
which will help you to find this bookmark from all other bookmarks. Basically in future best way to find Tesla car is to type "tesla" but what if you don't remember how this car was called then you just need to search for more simple keywords like car, or car for sale, motors etc... and here is image coming to help get appropriate bookmark. Eye will be able to recognize image much faster then just reading a text.


This tool gives ability to store bookmarks from different websites like retailers, automotive or real estate and use visual bookmarks with tags for better side by side comparison.